Suicide is easy


Suicide is Easy is not a story about death; it's a story about life - Rich's life. A student filmmaker who decides to make a documentary with help from his good friend and sound girl, Samantha. Their subject of choice: suicide. An internet posting seeking people contemplating suicide draws in more than either of them expected. Samantha is hesitant, but Rich dives right into the story and his film, with little concern for unfolding events and their utmost ramifications. A little over their heads, they decide to continue with this forbidden, yet intriguing topic. Their journey takes them from one maniacal scenario to the next, and with each victim, the story is changed. Their friendship and their outlook on what it means to be alive becomes redefined as the movie progresses.

Action On Film International Film Festival

Suicide is Easy was nominated for Best Guerrilla Film and Best Actress at the 2009 AOF International Film Festival

KLCS Festival Film Series

Suicide Is Easy was featured on Los Angeles' local PBS station KLCS as part of the Festival Film Series

Suicide Is Easy Trailer