A HIGHly Dysfunctional Comedy Series

 From executive producers Rich Sturdevant and Lizz Henderson from Dancing Silly Productions and co-producer Zahida J Kazar bring you THE GREEN ROOM

A scripted comedy series about the staff of a failing Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Hollywood, CA. Welcome to The Green Room, a comedy joint ;)

"You may not always end up where you thought you you were going, but you will always end up where you are meant to be." 

Patrick Jason moves to California straight from college in hopes of securing a job as a bio chemist. When his dreams don't pan out, he ends up at The Green Room, a failing Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Hollywood, CA- which turns out is the only place that will allow Patrick to work directly with plants.  Patrick's naïvety and total disregard for the medical marijuana industry, as well as his persistence to get to his 'dream job' sets the undertone for the series. The series arc shows Patrick understanding and appreciating the importance of medical marijuana and through a series of 'distractions' learns that the grass is not always greener on the other side and he is exactly where he's supposed to be. 

                    Patrick Jason
                                                                                  (The Virgin)
                                                    Age: 22    Height: 6’1    Weight: 160 lbs.   

      Patrick Jason has dreamed his entire life of genetically engineering plants for science. So with top marks at the  most prestigious university in biochemistry on the east coast, Patrick travels West, without a doubt in his mind he can  secure a top level position in biochemical plants for science. His hopes are dashed after getting  the boot on several interviews. The American job market isn’t quite as malleable as he anticipated. With his resume being less impressive than he originally thought, Patrick is left with only one hope to gain experience working with plants: The  Green Room, a medical marijuana dispensary. There’s just one problem. Patrick has never smoked weed in his life. Now  the evergreen Patrick finds himself in a situation rife with “street lessons” he has never encountered and must adapt  quickly to deal with his zany coworkers. Patrick finds that the Green Room is more than just a workplace. It is a culture  shock that his biochemistry degree didn’t prepare him for as his coworkers drag him into family feuds, pot smoking  circles, and even Jail. With the Green Room facing constant bankruptcy, Patrick’s green thumb and sane perspective  may be the Green Room’s last hope. Can Patrick be the savior the Green Room needs, or will the Green Room puff him  out like a plume of smoke?
                                                 Brian Trans
            (The Bud)  

          Age: 25 going on 16     
Height: perfect for boning 
                                                    Weight: building mass with P90XXX AlLDAY 

Favorite quote: The Brian virus is spreading across the country, if you have contracted the disease please contact a doctor immediately. Brian can guess any girls bra size just by sniffing it. Brain goes to bars at 1:50am to get chicks.  Grew up with many different ‘uncles’ (his mom was kind of slutty) Learned everything he knows from Bruce Lee and Jean-Claude Van Damme. Met Raffi at an adult movie theater. Raffi was out back smoking a joint and introduced Brian to weed.

Raffi Bagdahesian
(The Roach)

Age: What is he like 40?  Height: Tall enough
Weight: Light on his toes

Co-owner of THE GREEN ROOM with his MUCH younger and more responsible sister Anoush. Born in Armenia during the soviet rule. Came to America when he was 17 and still has an accent. Realized he loved America when he went to a Hometown Buffet and was shocked FREEDOM! Anoush and Raffi’s parents died and left them everything. Raffi has always been lazy and his sister has always been the bread winner.  Raffi and his sister used to be close. The business drove them apart.
Anoush Bagdahesian
(The Shake)

Age: 25, according to her  Weight: A hand full
Height: Taller than enough

Anoush is co-owner of THE GREEN ROOM with her much older and irresponsible brother. Left Armenia at age 2 with her brother after their parents died and left them everything. Grew up in Little Armenia (Glendale, CA). Straight laced, top student, and valedictorian at Columbia Business School. Idolizes Donald Trump. Very smart and knows that weed is where the money is. Using THE GREEN ROOM money as a starter investment capitol to have her own Trump like Empire.
Maureen Mueller
(The One-Hitter)
(The Weedetarian)

 Age: 35     Height: Petite

Weight: Petite

Has to wear glasses and contacts
Maureen Mueller, a marijuana aficionado that treats her plants like babies.
Originally from Amish Country, found a gameboy in the street and in love with tech life. Currently works at the dispensary to save money to start a new weed techie app. 

Charles Langston III
(The Grinder)

Age: Timeless  Weight: Cherished
Height: Endless

Charles is The Green Room's security guard by day, and by night he is 9mm the illest rapper on the west coast. Charles is well educated, went to a music conservatory. Loves Yo Yo Ma. Has a bachelors in Philosophy, music and physics. Grew up in Santa Barbara and went to bible study with Katy Perry for a decade. His raps aren't always taken seriously as they're too smart and the general public doesn't understand them. 
(The Bubbler)

Age: Is just a number, man      Weight: 110lbs (in vegan)
Height: 5'6

Autumn Sky grew up in Santa Barbara where she briefly dated Charles. She is a trust fund baby who has went through every sub genre phase: punk, goth, glam rock, old navy and currently - hippy. She's also had a name for every phase - hence Autumn Sky through her hippy phase. She left home at age 14 to be a cage dancer for Rob Zombie. Autumn is a huge activist, who is out of touch with the issues she's protesting. 
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