Dancing Silly Productions is an independent film production company based in Hollywood, CA. Originating Eight years ago by a husband and wife super duo, Rich & Lizz. With a passion and motivation for movie making. They cast and otherwise employ their closest friends, who also have the same sentiment and aspirations. Together they have created dozens of short films over the past several years, including No Sugar Rim, Bummed, That Girl, and the most recent The Walker.

In 2008 Dancing Silly Productions teamed up with BPA Productions to write, direct and produce their first feature length film entitled Suicide is Easy.

     Suicide is Easy is not a story about death; it's a story about life...Rich's life. A student filmmaker who decides to
     make a documentary with help from his good friend and sound girl, Samantha. Their subject of choice: suicide. 
     An internet posting seeking people contemplating suicide draws in more than either of them expected.
     Samantha is hesitant, but Rich dives right into the story and his film, with little concern for unfolding events
     and their utmost ramifications.  A little over their heads, they decide to continue with this forbidden, yet
     intriguing topic. Their journey takes them from one maniacal scenario to the next, and with each victim, the
     story is changed. Their friendship and their outlook on what it means to be alive becomes redefined as the
     movie progresses. Sending you on an emotional roller coaster, and with a taboo subject Suicide is Easy is
     guaranteed to make you think, entertain, and leave you craving more.

Suicide is Easy
won Best Guerrilla Film at the Action on Film International Film Festival in 2009. Rachel Wagner who played the supporting role of Samantha, was also nominated for Best Actress at the festival. In December 2014 Suicide is Easy will premiere on KLCS Los Angeles, as part of the Festival Filmmakers Series. Go SIE!!!

In 2010 Dancing Silly Productions teamed up with David Alexander Willis
to create their 2nd feature ENVISAGE:

Written and produced by all three, with Rich Directing, Lizz as one of the leads, and Willis as the cinematographer. Together they created something unique. SHOT ENTIRELY IN SUBJECTIVE CAMERA, this is a different cinematic adventure that will leave you questioning your own perception. 
ENVISAGE has been picked up for Global Distribution by Gravitas Ventures and will be available on 4/28/17 on itunes, Amazon, Google Play, Vudu, Vimeo. WOOHOO!!!

      Follow a normal day in the life of three abnormal characters, to experience life as another person for a day.

     Shot in entirely in subjective camera not only will you see what our characters see, you also hear their inner

     thoughts. Meet Nelson, a middle-aged agoraphobic man who hasn’t left his apartment in 10 years. Sophie – a

     fun loving 20 something, finds life hard juggling her hospital residency and her love life with her girlfriend.

     Bryan, a lazy, late 20’s poster child for mediocrity, with no direction or drive, splits his time between his 2 jobs

      of being a video store clerk and a drug dealer, which neither he excels at. With a twist in each story, we leave

     the audience the chance to ENVISAGE what will happen to our 3 characters.

 Dancing Silly's newest baby  THE GREEN ROOM, was Created by Lizz, Rich and Zahida Kazar.
The Green Room is a scripted comedy series about the staff of a failing Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Hollywood, CA. Welcome to The Green Room, a HIGHly dysfunctional comedy. After 3 years The Green Room is finally ready for distribution :) on 4/20/2017 we will be releasing TGR on our
YouTube Channel

Patrick Jason moves to CA in hopes of securing a job as a bio chemist. When his dreams don't pan out, he ends up at The Green Room, a failing Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Hollywood, CA. Patrick's naïvety and total disregard for the medical marijuana industry, as well as his persistence to get to his 'dream job' sets the undertone for the series. The series arc shows Patrick understanding and appreciating the importance of medical marijuana and through a series of 'distractions' learns that the grass is not always greener on the other side and he is exactly where he's supposed to be. 

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